New paint and lights in the ceiling.


Recent work at Gastler’s Farm and some other jobs


The floor was  lightly  sanded and then we applied antique oil stain finish.

This is an odd shaped opening we made into a center piece.

DSCF2329 DSCF2337 DSCF2339 DSCF2359

Here is another opening we made  by taking out the door and installing a beam. This opening onto a porch is where we took up the wide planks,  insulated, and raised the floor. We also installed all new cabinets.

This is a deck we built on a steal frame on the ocean.


The same deck second floor we took out a window and installed a slider.


This is a coopula I rebuilt after an ocean storm blew it down into a million pieces.

DSCF2376 DSCF2377 DSCF2378 DSCF2383

Here I installed a stamped pad over existing concrete on a porch I built.

Here is some new railings my workers installed.